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E-Commerce sales have been growing rapidly since the 1990’s and this trend is only going to continue. A company that is not attempting to sell its products online is failing to recognize that it can only sell so much locally or in person. While it is one thing to place your product for sale online, however, it is another to actually have people purchase it. This is where e-commerce marketing comes into play. By placing your products for sale online, and marketing them correctly, you can rapidly grow your business. Ricochet is a Cincinnati company assisting with e-commerce marketing. If you are trying to grow your sales then contact us today to get started.

Digital Advertising Agency Helping Companies Market Their E-Commerce Products

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Many small businesses feel that they cannot sell their products online. This comes from a belief that one cannot compete against the “major players” like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, etc. The fact of the matter, however, is that many online sales come through avenues other than these major outlets. The key to selling your products online is to market them correctly. There are many companies that will claim to help you grow your online sales. When choosing a partner to help you grow your business, it is important that you pick a company with a strategy for actually growing your business.

We understand that no two businesses are the same and we will design an e-commerce approach that is specific to your company. Our team will leverage data to pick the best avenues for promoting your products. Examples of tools we will utilize to boost your online sales include but aren’t limited to, the following options (click on an option to learn more).

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center is a tool from the search engine that allows you to feature your products under its “shopping” section. This allows people to see products from your online store without having to visit your website. Your products may be recommended directly by the search engine and they can also appear under Google’s shopping tab. Once your products are listed in Google Merchant Center, you may also run digital ads to promote them and have them appear at the top of the shopping results. These ads can also help your products appear on various other websites. We help you list your products in Google Merchant Center and optimize your listings.

Email Marketing

Regularly emailing your list of past buyers or those who are interested and chose to be on your list is the most important aspect of marketing your e-commerce store. This includes a combination of automated sequences and consistent offer campaigns to stay in front of your biggest fans with compelling content and offers. Automated sequences will yield sales on autopilot as they will always serve those in ready-to-buy positions by automatically reaching them at the proper times and intervals to spur action based on their behavior. Mapping out and sending regular brand-building and offer campaigns are paramount to increased online sales. We not only produce and manage these sequences and campaigns, we work with you to develop your offers and continually improve and innovate to keep them effective. Learn more about our email marketing services.

Digital Ads

The way to see the most immediate results in growing your online sales is to utilize digital ads. These are paid ads that appear in search engines, in social media feeds, and on various websites. Where to place your ads, and the proper determination of a budget, is key to making sure that you are not simply expending resources without seeing a return. We are proud of our ability to assist with the promotion of your products through digital advertising. Learn more about how we assist with pay-per-click management and social media marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves generating blog posts, videos, and other content that connect with your potential buyers. Successful content marketing involves generating the content people actually wish to see and placing it in the places where they are actually looking for it. This is achieved by leveraging data to understand what it is your potential buyers are looking for on the web and making that content available. Learn more about our content marketing services.